Multidisciplinary Studies

At a Glance

Level: Bachelor's
Credits: 120 to graduate, 50 upper division
Track: Self-designed
Admission deadlines:
Fall: March 1 (priority), August 1 (final) 
Spring: October 1 (priority), December 1 (final) 

Finish What You Started

Have you completed significant college course work, but not enough to complete your degree? Does the degree you started years ago no longer reflect your breadth of experience and curiosity? Does your busy life prevent you from regularly attending class on campus during the day?

If you want to round out your education, complete your undergraduate degree, and improve your chances for career advancement, the Multidisciplinary Studies (MdS) program may be for you.

Self-designed Program Valued by Employers

Working closely with your adviser, you will critically evaluate the options that build on your experiences and previous course work to determine the best program path for you. Employers and graduate programs are impressed with the initiative, creativity, communication, and curriculum development skills it takes to create an individualized degree.

Flexible and Convenient

Online and distance, evening, and day courses help you complete this program in a way that accommodates your schedule. Students complete courses in three of five defined areas of emphasis:

  • applied, technical, and professional *
  • arts and humanities
  • communication *
  • history and social sciences
  • science and health science *

A growing number of courses are available online, giving you the option of completing the MdS program online and at a distance
*Denotes largest concentrations of online courses).

Challenging Yet Attainable

We work with you to create the right fit. From choosing a degree path to positioning your degree with employers, our experienced advisers are supportive educators who provide the guidance to make your University experience rewarding and productive. Depending on how much transfer course work you bring with you, how closely it fulfills requirements, and how many courses you decided to take per term, our advisers estimate that with 60 semester credits at admission, you can finish the program in between two (full-time course load) and five years (two courses per term).

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