The Complex Temple of Thought

brain surgery“I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body. Then I thought, look what’s telling me that.” — Emo Philips

A project of the Dana Foundation, Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Last year, BAW partners hosted 800 events in 43 countries and 40 states, and LearningLife is proud to add to that number for this year’s campaign. 

On March 11 LearningLife, in partnership with the University’s Department of Neuroscience and the Brain Conditions arm of MnDRIVE (Minnesota Discovery and Research Innovation Economy Initiative), will present Meeting the Brain, a one-day immersion that considers and celebrates the human brain. 

From learning about the molecular- and network-level building blocks of the brain to peering into the future of neuroscience, the day will include brains-on activities, video screenings, and illustrated presentations led by four of the University’s finest neuroscience researchers and educators, including: 

  • The Three-Pound Universe in Your Head with Dr. Tim Ebner
  • How Does the Brain Do That? with Dr. Janet Dubinsky
  • How We Make Decisions and How Those Decisions Go Wrong with Dr. A. David Redish
  • Bending and Mending the Brain or Pinpointing the Causes of Brain Disorders and Discovering New Treatments with Dr. Patrick Rothwell

Join us for Meeting the Brain March 11 for this sensory feast of the mind and to ponder what surely must be the most fascinating organ in the human body, hands down, no argument.