Of Vigor and Vitality

David AlterOver the course of 30 years of experience in the practice of health psychology, neuropsychology, and clinical hypnosis, Dr. David Alter's studies have exposed him to intriguing connections between the brain as it ages and the mind we cultivate and maintain. His interest, as well, is personal: "I am only too aware of my own aging. My fervent desire is to share what I've learned with others, even as I strive to 'walk the same talk'."

In his webinar, Youthful Living at Any Age, Alter will share "accessible and useful information that draws on ancient wisdom and brain science." Without wanting to appear too precious about the world of the past, he nonetheless highly values the wisdom that distills from lifetimes of experience and learning.

"I believe we live in a time of unprecedented potential for living well and cultivating good long-term health," Alter asserts. But our present world is evolving rapidly and new information transmits at a frenetic pace. "Therefore, to attain the benefits of what is now possible, we have to be very focused, very disciplined, and very passionate about making the kinds of choices that open the doors to good physical, mental, and lifestyle health and wellness."

What better way to start the new year than by joining us online on January 24, when Alter will illustrate how being fully engaged in the aging process can infuse your life with the vigor and vitality long associated with being young. Learn More...