Visit the One Stop for comprehensive registration information. For information on course cancellations and changes, see Policies and Dates and Deadlines.

When to Register

The academic calendar has important dates, such as when the term starts and ends, finals week, deadlines for changing your registration, future term registration dates, and holidays. If you are an admitted student, your specific registration time is also available on One Stop.

If you are a non-admitted student, see Taking Credit Courses for more information about when to register and other important information specific to you.

Registration periods for extended-term ODL courses are timed so that one section is open per month. When a section closes at the end of the month, there is no late registration available; simply register for the next month's section. See ODL Dates and Deadlines.

How to Register

  • If you are a non-admitted student, follow One Stop's non-admitted student registration instructions.
  • If you are an admitted student, register for term-based courses as you normally would for an on-campus course.

Registering for Graduate Credit as a Non-admitted Student

  • Registration is not available online or via e-mail for non-admitted students who want to take a graduate-level course.
  • Download and complete the Registration Request for Graduate Credit for Non-Degree Students form and submit it to the department offering the courses for approval.
  • This form must be used each term until you are admitted to a graduate degree program.
  • If the department approves your special registration, you will be charged graduate-level tuition rates for all courses you take that semester.
  • Please note: All ODL extended-term courses are available for undergraduate credit only.

For questions about how to register, call the CCE Information Center at 612-624-4000 or e-mail If you have Web access difficulties, contact the Computer Access Help Line at 612-624-4276 or at

Transferrable Credits

  • ODL courses are approved by academic departments at the University of Minnesota. And like all University of Minnesota course credits, they are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • Officials at other colleges or universities determine which courses will be accepted to fulfill degree requirements at their institutions. Get approval from your institution before registering.
  • Credits earned through Online and Distance Learning are semester credits.

Special Registration Instructions

Auditing a Course
Auditing a course requires payment of full tuition and any fees. Approval from the instructor is required before registering.

Senior Citizen Education Option
If you are 62 or older (or are 60 years old and receiving a railroad retirement annuity) and a Minnesota resident, you are eligible for the Senior Citizen Education Program (SCEP). The ODL fees and any other special fees must be paid in full; however, SCEP students are exempt from the Student Services fee.

If you did not complete an ODL course and received a grade of F or N but you still want to earn credit for it, you must re-register in the most recent version of the course. You will need to pay the current tuition rates in full, buy the current required texts and supplies, and complete all the assignments and exams in the newest version of the course. Though your original registration remains on your record with the grade you earned, your new grade will also appear and be the one factored into your cumulative GPA. A note will appear by the original grade indicating that the course has been repeated and this grade is not being factored into the cumulative GPA.

If you are a degree-seeking (admitted) student who is considering repeating a course, check with your college adviser.

Please note: If you are repeating an online extended term course (not printed course) within the same year you first took the course, there may be additional complications. Please contact the College of Continuing Education Information Center at 612-624-4000 or

Disability Accommodations
Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact Disability Resource Center to have a confidential discussion of their individual needs for accommodations.

After You Register

A day or two after you register for an ODL course, we'll send you a welcome e-mail (to your University of Minnesota e-mail address). Shortly thereafter, if the course is online, we'll send you specific information by e-mail—or postal mail (if you're not an admitted student). If the course is correspondence, you will be mailed a printed study guide that has all of your reading and writing assignments and exam information, if applicable.

You will also receive a registration confirmation (called a “study list”) from One Stop Student Services. This includes your student ID number, which will be important to know if you’re new to the University. You will also receive a welcome e-mail and information packet from ODL. The University will send important communications through your U of M e-mail. Please initiate your University e-mail account immediately and check it frequently.