Online Academic Credit Courses

Choose from a wide selection of university courses for college credit in many subjects. Credits you earn are recorded on a University of Minnesota transcript, and they count the same as credits earned on campus.

As an Online and Distance Learning student, you can

  • complete course credits you need for your degree or certificate program at the times and locations that are convenient for you;
  • choose online or printed formats and semester length (term-based) or extended-term time lines;
  • explore topics of interest without needing to apply and be accepted to a University degree or certificate program.

Term-based Courses

A term-based (section A) course is online and follows the same schedule as classes held on campus. You will work through the course on the same schedule as your classmates, following week-by-week assignment deadlines.

Extended-term Courses

If your course is extended-term (sections B, C, D, and E), you will work at your own pace to complete the course in up to nine months.

  • You can register for these courses at any time during the year. Your term will start the 15th of the month following the month in which you registered.
  • When a section closes at the end of the month, there is no late registration available; simply register for the next month’s section.
  • The course may be online or printed.
  • Expect to spend at least three months to complete a course and get started right away. Procrastination is the biggest hurdle for students in extended-term courses.
  • Instructors are allowed two to three weeks to return assignments with grades and feedback. If you have a personal deadline (e.g. graduation, employer reimbursement), contact your instructor right away.

If you are registering for an extended-term course, your transcript records the course in the term in which the course begins. Your final grade and credits will be assigned to that term when you complete all course work, even if you complete it in a later term. Take note of your version number (e.g., B03, A94) as you will need it when submitting assignments through the mail or making proctored exam appointments.

Please note: All ODL extended-term courses are available for undergraduate credit only.

Academic Advising

Advising is available to you even if you are not yet admitted to the University and have questions about returning to learning. The College's Information Center schedules advising appointments via phone or in person and can provide you with registration assistance, financial aid information, and guidance on course selection. Call the Information Center at 612-624-4000 to set up an appointment.