Planning Your Education

At a Glance

  1. Explore options from flexible bachelor's and professional master's degrees to carefully crafted certificates to thought-provoking courses offered online and evenings.
  2. After you've done a little exploring, you may still have questions. Often prospective students find it helpful to connect with College staff. We're available via phone, chat, e-mail, and in person. Details below.

Next steps

We'd be happy to answer your questions. Options to connect with College staff:

  • Call 612-624-4000 | Want to talk through some options with a learner representative? Give us a call (hours: M-Th 8-5; F 8-4:30).
  • E-mail | Let us know what other information we can provide.
  • Chat | Need some clarification? Let us know (hours: M-Th 8-5; F 8-4:30).
  • Attend an information session | The College offers broad sessions explaining options for adults at the U as well as in-depth sessions for many programs.
  • Request a tailored recommendation | Not sure what path is right for you? Just tell us a little about what you are looking for and we'll get back to you with some recommendations.

Tips to succeed in the classroom

  • Study a little bit each day rather than trying to do it all the day before class.
  • Review your notes after class to increase retention.
  • Engage in active learning; think about the information in a new way.
  • Study when you are at your best in a quiet place.
  • Set reasonable study goals and take breaks often.