Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

At a Glance

Location: Courses on the UMTC campus or online
Credit: U of M credit
Courses: Most UMTC courses available to college freshmen
Transferability: Courses transfer to most colleges; check with the individual college

The PSEO Program allows high school juniors and seniors to take classes on a college campus or online for both high school and college credit. The costs for tuition and required textbooks are subsidized by the State of Minnesota, and the program offers high school students the opportunity to experience life on a college campus.

Dedicated to Serving Gifted Students

The University of Minnesota has a strong legacy of serving very gifted younger students. The PSEO program serves approximately 600 students per year, who take a broad range of academic courses. In addition,

  • 500 PSEO students are admitted each year out of 1100 applicants;
  • 62 percent of PSEO students are registered part-time, 38 percent are full-time;
  • classes are taught by University faculty and graduate assistants;
  • 90 percent of PSEO students who apply to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities are admitted.

Key Dates

Mid Nov. to Early Dec: Registration for spring 2015
Nov. 27: University closed for Thanksgiving holiday
Nov. 28: University closed for Thanksgiving holiday
Dec. 10: Last day of instruction and last day to use your one-time-only late drop (contact your PSEO advisor)
Dec. 12-18: Final exams
Dec. 20: Fall book return deadline
Jan. 20: Spring 2015 semester begins