Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

At a Glance

Location: On the U of M Twin Cities (UMTC) campus or at a distance
Credit: UMTC credit
Courses: Most UMTC courses available to college freshmen
Transferability: Courses transfer to most colleges; check with the individual college

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program allows high school juniors and seniors to take classes at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (UMTC) for both high school and college credit.

Who Are PSEO Students?

The University of Minnesota has a strong legacy of serving gifted younger students:

  • Approximately 600 juniors and seniors enroll in PSEO each year.
  • Students take a broad range of academic courses.
  • 500 new PSEO students are admitted each year out of approximately 1,200 applicants.
  • 94 percent of U of M PSEO students who apply to UMTC for freshman admission are admitted.

How Do We Serve PSEO Students?

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) office provides high quality service to UMTC PSEO participants, their parents, high schools, and University faculty and staff through the entire PSEO experience:

  • admission
  • orientation
  • academic advising
  • registration
  • career, major, and college exploration

How PSEO Works

  • The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Act, which passed in 1985, allows juniors and seniors in Minnesota public, private, home, and charter schools to register concurrently for high school and post-secondary course work. More PSEO information can be found on the Minnesota Department of Education website.
  • The state of Minnesota pays the cost of tuition and required textbooks.
  • The program is administered by the PSEO office in the College of Continuing Education at UMTC.
  • Classes are taught by University faculty and graduate assistants.