The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) office administers two types of PSEO programs: one on the Twin Cities campus and one through distance learning. The two programs have different application procedures and admission requirements. Both programs require a high level of independent work.

Admission Status

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Admissions Committee makes the final determination about your admission status based on your original request and their opinions about your preparation for college-level courses. PSEO advisers act in what they consider to be the student’s best interest based on high school grades and future college plans; PSEO students have done poorly enough in college courses to be denied admission to colleges after high school graduation.

Once admitted to the PSEO Program, you do NOT need to reapply each term to remain in the program. The only exceptions occur if you defer your enrollment for more than one semester or are dismissed from the program for academic or other reasons. In these cases, you would need to reapply for admission.

Full-time (FT) Status

12-16 credits, generally 3-4 classes (higher credit loads are considered only on a case-by-case basis). Remember that high school students may only be considered full-time at one place, either college or high school. A 13-credit maximum means that a student has been admitted as a full-time student, but is limited to taking 13 credits for the first semester. This limit may be increased in subsequent semesters depending on your performance in the program.

Part-time (PT) Status

1-11 credits. Students may be admitted for PT status based on their request, or they may be admitted for PT only based on the admissions committee’s decision. Students admitted PT, or any other limited admission status who wish to take more credits, must fill out an admission addendum, which will be forwarded to the admissions committee. If approved, a student may then register for more credits, but approval is usually only granted if the student has new information, such as a changed grade or an updated transcript. Contingent admissions means that the admissions committee still requires some piece of information before making a final decision. Most of the time, this means an updated transcript that shows completed spring grades.