Certificate Requirements

The Private College Leadership Certificate program consists of the following four courses:

The Entrepreneurial Private College

OLPD 5845 (3 cr)
Instructor: Dr. Jim Hunter

This course is designed to introduce students to financial management and entrepreneurial strategies for the independent college. Topics include enrollment management, revenue generating strategies, branding/marketing, fundraising, and all aspects related to developing and sustaining entrepreneurial institutions. Students will be engaged in designing strategies for independent colleges through case studies and related learning experiences. This course is designed for practitioners of independent colleges who seek to deepen their understandings about how to make their institutions financially strong in challenging fiscal times.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand and discuss the financial challenges, trends, and opportunities for small independent colleges in the US
  • Identify and apply best practices of branding/identity management, fundraising, enrollment management and revenue generation applied to distinctive institutional missions and contexts
  • Articulate theories and concepts that guide entrepreneurial practices, and how these conceptual pieces inform the development of revenue-generating programs at independent colleges
  • Develop strategies for creating and sustaining a culture of entrepreneurship at independent colleges

Private Colleges as Formal Organizations

OLPD 5002 (3 cr)
Instructor: Dr. Scott Moats

This course is designed to provide certificate students with an introduction to contemporary thinking on organizations and administration as applied to the independent college setting. The course introduces students to foundational theories, concepts, and models related to organizational behavior uniquely applied to the independent college sector. Class discussions, readings, and assignments explore ways in which general theories apply to the independent college context.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Apply theory to understand and address organizational behavior in an independent college context
  • Analyze organizational challenges in independent colleges from multiple perspectives

Leading Change in Private Colleges

OLPD 5902 (3 cr)
Instructor: Dr. Gwendolyn Freed

This course explores theories of the organizational change and innovation and their application for leading independent colleges with unique cultures and distinctive missions. An emphasis will be on factors impacting change and innovation processes and their implications for leading independent colleges. Students will draw on contexts from their sponsoring institutions in designing change strategies for their campus.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand strategies for organizational change and innovation and how they might be applied to independent college contexts
  • Utilize cutting-edge management tools and techniques to assess and create readiness for innovation and change within the independent college sector
  • Design concrete strategies for implementing change processes within the independent college setting

Personal Leadership and the Private College

OLPD 5332 (3 cr)
Instructor: Dr. Kathryn Enke

This course is designed to help leaders recognize and develop the leadership skills and competencies necessary for team work, consensus building, and group leadership within independent colleges. The course will blend practice and theoretical perspectives to develop leadership competencies of students. Students will engage in reading, class discussions, field experiences, and case studies to develop the intrapersonal and interpersonal experiences necessary for leading independent colleges. When appropriate, students will draw on contexts from sponsoring institutions in designing specific leadership strategies for their campus.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Articulate their personal leadership style and how it can be used effectively in an independent college setting
  • Apply knowledge of effective leadership strategies to various institutional challenges
  • Think critically about the specific nature of leadership in independent colleges

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