Courses and Registration

Registering for Courses

It is important that you contact the program to plan an appropriate course sequence before you register for your first class. In general keep in mind that

  • all courses are three credits unless indicated otherwise;
  • courses are generally offered weekday evenings on the Twin Cities campus;
  • with sufficient student demand, we can offer courses via interactive TV in other locations.

For class schedules, prerequisites, instructors, and other information, visit One Stop and click on 'Class Schedule' under 'Quick Links.'

Returning Students

Returning students can register online.

New Students

New students must be activated for non-degree registration and initiate their University account before registration.*

  • To activate for non-degree registration, visit One Stop
  • To initiate your University account, visit the Student Internet Account Initiation site
  • To register online, conduct a web registration by visiting One Stop
  • To register in person, go to 20 Nicholson Hall, 216 Pillsbury Drive S.E.
  • For more information on registration, call 612-625-0591 or visit One Stop

*Please contact the program before registering for a class to plan an appropriate course sequence.

For current information on where and when classes are offered, visit One Stop.