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LearningLife Winter Sampler 2014

Get a FREE sneak peek as three LearningLife instructors offer a preview of three of our winter courses.
January 14, 2014, 7:00 p.m.


See a preview of:

  • Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring Cycle) with Daniel Freeman
    The Beatles, Madonna, Justin Bieber--these performers all have fan bases that follow their work and would do anything to see it presented again and again. But did you know that European opera has its own cult classic? Written in 1876, Wagner's The Ring Cycle brought Germany to the forefront of operatic culture for the first time and was such a hit that opera lovers today continue to travel the world in order to experience this masterpiece.


  • No Place for a Girl: American Women and the Vietnam War with Kim Heikkila
    Nearly 11,000 women served in the Vietnam War, enduring hardships and trauma alongside their male counterparts. Yet, their struggles and contributions were often unrecognized during the conflict and when they returned home. From morale boosters and nurses to flight controllers and translators, this course surveys the experience of American women in one of the world's most unpopular military


  • Natural Connections: Understanding Our Relationships with Animals with Tanya Bailey
    Everywhere we go, people bend like question-marks over glowing devices, ignoring the human next to them. Our work lives are spent in a sea of fluorescence and digitized communication. At home, relaxation often means screen time, not conversation. Learn how investing in our relationships with animals can help restore much of what we have lost to the technology-driven world.


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