LearningLife Sampler

Let New Ideas Take Root at the LearningLife Fall Sampler

Get a FREE sneak peek as three LearningLife instructors offer a preview of three of our fall courses.
September 16, 2014, 6:30 p.m.

See a preview of:

  • Unfriending Al-Qaida: The Rise of a Post-bin Laden Internet Generation with Jarret Brachman. Join Jarret Brachman (a man Esquire calls “a laptop James Bond”) to learn about the current state of Al-Qaida and how some of its members are using social media to wage a war amongst one another.
  • Science in the News with George Barany. This eclectic salon-style course will dig into the “Science Times” section of the New York Times and examine a range of topics, including health, the environment, crime, technology, and of course, the sciences.
  • Unlocking Your Brain with Rosanne Bane. Do you feel like a hamster on the wheel—like you’re never getting anywhere? Are there things you want to achieve, but can’t get started, or worse, you start, but give up halfway? This immersion course will teach you tools to unblock your brain and kick-start your creativity!

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