Summer Term

At a Glance

Level | Graduate/undergraduate
Credits | Credit and noncredit
Admission | Not required
Phone | 612-624-4000
Toll Free | 1-800-234-6564
E-mail |

Summer term at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities provides students and visitors from around the world a unique opportunity for personal, professional, and academic enrichment. Whether you select the University of Minnesota for its world-class faculty and facilities, its diverse course offerings, or its convenient location and campus environment, summer session here is a great time and place to fast track your education.

If coming to campus during the summer isn't in your plans, you may enroll in courses through Online and Distance Learning (ODL). Numerous courses are available through the internet or print-based correspondence.

Whether you are a college student, a high school student, or a visitor to the Twin Cities campus, there is something for you at the "U".

Are You a Non-degree Student?

You are considered a non-degree (sometimes called visiting or non-admitted) student if you are not officially admitted into a University of Minnesota degree program for the semester(s) that you are enrolled in classes. This includes students who may be

  • admitted for a future semester at the University of Minnesota
  • degree-seeking at another institution but taking classes at the University
  • high school students

Non-degree students follow different registration procedures, are exempt from some types of fees, and have access to most University resources.

If you have any additional questions about your status, contact the College of Continuing Education at 612-624-4000;

Important 2017 Dates

April 11 | Registration for admitted students begins
April 18 | Registration for non-admitted students begins
May 22
 | May Session begins
May 29 | University closed
June 8 | May session and summer bill available
June 9
 | May Session ends
June 12 | Summer Session begins
June 21 | May/Summer payment due in full
July 4 | University closed
July 8 | Summer bill available
July 21 | Summer payment due in full
August 4 | 8-week summer session ends
August 8 | Summer bill available
August 21 | Summer payment due in full

Complete dates and deadlines.