Courses and Registration

At a Glance

April 11, 2017 | Registration begins for students admitted to a degree or certificate program
April 18, 2017 | Registration begins for non-degree and visiting students

Selecting a Course

Students motivated to challenge themselves with college course work—whether admitted to a degree program or not—can enroll in a University course as long as they meet the prerequisites. We offer online, at a distance, evening, and daytime courses.

How to Search for Summer Courses

  • Go to the University of Minnesota Schedule Builder.
  • Select a campus and Summer term from the pull-down menus.
  • Hit Search.
  • Select additional criteria based on what type of course you are looking for.
  • Hit Search again.

You can find course descriptions in the University catalog.

Registering for a Course

The University of Minnesota summer term welcomes new students, current students, former students, and visiting students to the summer term—whether you're studying for a degree, seeking continuing professional education, or simply wanting cultural and intellectual growth.

The following instructions cover the most common questions on registering for summer term. For comprehensive information on registration, financial aid, billing, payments, and student accounts, visit the University's One Stop website or visit them in person.

How to Register If You Are a Non-degree Student

You are considered a non-degree (sometimes called visiting or non-admitted) student if you are not officially admitted into a University of Minnesota degree program for the semester(s) that you are enrolled in classes. Non-degree status includes those students who are admitted for a future semester and students who are degree-seeking at another institution, but taking classes at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (UMTC).

See One Stop Non-degree Registration guidelines.

How to Register If You Are an Admitted Student

If you are admitted to a degree program at the UMTC, but did not register for the previous spring, you must contact the college to which you were assigned at the time of your last registration before you register for summer term. (See also Maintaining Active Status.)

Special Registration Instructions

How to register if you are a

Ready to Register?

Register online, in person, by mail, or by fax.

Changing Your Registration

All changes must be done officially (in person at a One Stop Student Services Center, online, or by mail or fax) and they are effective on the date received, not the day you stop attending class. Make sure you read the cancel/add policies on One Stop, especially if you receive financial aid, if you are a veteran, or if your change requires approval from your college's scholastic committee.

Cancel/Add Deadlines

Visiting or non-degree students should contact the College of Continuing Education Information Center at 612-624-4000 or


Contact One Stop Student Services.