College in the Schools

At a Glance

  • College in the Schools is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). 
  • U of M courses taught through CIS are the same courses that are offered on the University campus.
  • CIS alumni surveys have consistently shown that 89-95% of respondents who requested credit recognition from colleges and universities other than the U were successful at having some or all of their credits recognized.

"It's like a sneak peek at how college classes are conducted and graded. And who doesn't like free credits?" —former CIS student

The U of M’s nationally accredited College in the Schools (CIS) program brings U of M faculty together with high school teachers to offer U courses in high schools.


  • experience the faster pace and increased rigor of U of M courses
  • earn free college credits that are highly transferable
  • demonstrate their learning on multiple and varied assessments throughout the course, rather than on a single, high-stakes test

But they aren’t the only ones to benefit from College in the Schools.


  • enjoy career-enhancing professional development
  • build the breadth and depth of their discipline-specific knowledge
  • have access to the U of M’s library and research resources

High Schools:

  • strengthen their academic departments
  • attract and retain outstanding students by offering the rigorous academic challenges they want
  • increase public awareness of their high standards