Planning Your Career

All the ingredients for success

The skills to successfully return to learning to enhance your career are the skills you’ve developed as an adult juggling multiple responsibilities—managing time, setting priorities, asking questions. Add motivation and desire to the mix, and the recipe for success is complete. Tips to help you succeed:

  • Know that you will most likely be successful in school, even if you weren’t in the past.
  • Determine why you’re returning to learning.
  • Know you have transferable skills.
  • Test the waters by taking a few classes.
  • Make your well-being a priority.
  • Discuss your plans with significant others.

Career and Internship Services office

Planning to enter a degree program? Students in degree programs can work with Career and Internship Services specialists to plan their careers.


  • Individual appointments with experienced career counselors
  • Career interest assessments to clarify goals
  • Daily drop-in résumé, curriculum vitae, and cover letter critiques
  • Job and internship search coaching
  • Practice interviews and interview coaching
  • Graduate school research assistance and review of essay applications
  • Career fairs (industry-specific and campus-wide)
  • On-campus employer interviews


  • Extensive career library (includes over 300 books, handouts, and reference guides)
  • Online job and internship listings (includes past student internships Web sites)
  • List of career information websites
  • Career courses on effective job search strategies
    • CFAN/ICP 3201 Career and Internship Preparation
    • CFAN/APS/DES 5201 Career Preparation for Graduate Students

Additional tools

Skill card sort

Use this tool to identify and prioritize your skills.

  1. Review Skill Card Sort instructions and action steps
  2. Complete Skill Card Sort
  3. Print complete list of skills

Value card sort

Reflect on what is most important to you in a lifework setting.

  1. Review Value Card Sort instructions and action steps
  2. Complete Values Card Sort
  3. Print complete list of values

Activities for reflection

  • Career and Lifework Assessment | The questions in this activity can help you look at your situation in a more holistic perspective.
  • Lifework Lifeline | Use this exercise to consider your past as a way to help you find direction in your future.
  • Sources of Satisfaction | Clarify the things in past work situations that have energized you and those that have depleted you.

Other tools