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Airmen pose before a bomber in South Pacific.

What was the impression of the native Melanesians and French colonists when the US troops arrived to defend the South Pacific? "It was as if the Martians had landed."

Iranian flag

Iran has grown and redefined itself for centuries, changing its name, leadership, and religion. But what have been the guiding ideals of this nation, and what does it want to be today?

January 13, 2016

3D-printed robotic arm grasps a small ball

The promise and potential of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, are an exciting flare in the cultural imagination.

January 6, 2016

Roaring lion

Dr. Craig Packer works to conserve the last great lion and wildlife refuges in Africa, going up against ancient tribal traditions and modern-day trophy hunting.

John Fite

It is a great time to be in IT. As more and more people's lives go digital, there have never been so many ways to make a positive impact on the world and lead a satisfying life in the process.

Anastasia Faunce

Minnesota Public Radio's Bob Collins hit the nail on the head November 30 when he wrote: "We throw 'giant' around too much, but Minnesota really did lose a giant today when it was announced that Hy Berman has died at age 90. The history professor at the University of Minnesota was so much more."

George Frideric Handel

Originally performed at a fundraiser for Dublin hospitals, and intended to be performed around Easter, Handel's Messiah is an instructional oratorio sourced from diverse scriptural texts to describe the life of Jesus.

November 11, 2015

Piping Plover

Protecting the Piping Plover means protecting the entire Great Lakes-area dune ecosystem, which is threatened and destroyed by hikers, ATVs, and beach development projects.

Josh Dyba photo

Google "soft skills" and you'll discover hundreds of blogs and articles about how "relationship building" and "emotional integrity" are the keys to professional success. Yes, soft skills are important, more than hard skills in some instances, but one of the largest gaps that exists today lies between the expectations placed on new employees and the support employees get to meet those expectations.


Philosopher Charles Taliaferro—lecturer, world traveler, author/editor of more than twenty books on religion and spirituality—is an old-school Star Wars geek who will head a one-day immersion, The Force Awakens: Star Wars and Philosophy.