Requirements, Tracks, and Courses

Work with your adviser to construct a plan with 120 semester credits to earn your Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Construction Management. Students all take the same core courses plus select a track in one of the four areas below. You need not be admitted to register.

Your plan also will include Liberal Education and Writing Intensive requirements plus lower division course work in calculus, physics, plan reading, economics, management, accounting, and communication. While you can transfer credits from other institutions, 30+ of your 120 credits (at a GPA of 2.0+) must be at the U of M, including 24 after admission; 18 must be construction science (see an adviser for details).

After completing this program, students will be able to (full outcomes list)

  1. recognize, understand, and effectively interact with stakeholder interests;
  2. demonstrate ethical behavior and decision making;
  3. safely manage and control the project process;
  4. understand the built environment;
  5. manage the business processes;
  6. manage building systems, facility operations, occupant services, and maintenance operations.

We also offer minors and certificates in Construction Management and Facility Management.

Required Core and Track Details

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