Program in Translation and Interpreting

At a Glance

Level: Undergraduate
Credits: Varies
Schedule: Evening and online courses; individual projects
Phone: 612-625-0591
Address: 20 Nicholson Hall, 216 Pillsbury Drive SE

In our seemingly shrinking world and diverse local communities, facilitating accurate communication between speakers of different languages has never been more important.

If you're a highly proficient bilingual who wants to develop knowledge and skills for professional translation and interpreting the Program in Translation and Interpreting (PTI) may be right for you.

Services Offered

This unique program at the University of Minnesota offers the following services:

  • A Certificate in Interpreting
  • A Translation Minor
  • Credit courses for interpreters and translators
  • Training materials for purchase
  • Contract training and services for organizations and businesses
  • Translation and interpreting services for select language pairs


Feel free to contact us at 612-625-0591 or

Mission Statement

The Program in Translation and Interpreting (PTI) at the University of Minnesota is committed to building the capacity of Minnesota institutions, businesses, and public services to communicate with speakers of all languages through translation of written texts and competent interpreting of spoken communications.